Crystallized Flowers

Crystallized Pansy 10 Count Crystallized Rose 10 Count Crystallized Rose Petals 10 Count
Crystallized Pansy 10 CountCrystallized Rose 10 CountCrystallized Rose Petals 10 Count

Blue, purple, yellow, orange, red and more; Sweet and tart flavor. 10 Ct

Sugar Coated Roses. Fabulous selection of colors including peach, lavender, pink, red, yellow, orange, purple. 10 Count.

Peach, lavender, pink and more; Lovely, sweet flavor. 10 Ct




Crystallized Viola 10 Count Crystallized Viola 100 Count Crystallized Sweet Flowers Mix 20 Count
Crystallized Viola 10 CountCrystallized Viola 100 CountCrystallized Sweet Flowers Mix 20 Count

Blue, purple, yellow, and orange; Sweet and tangy flavor. 10 Ct

Special Order Only; Call for Availability

Sweet flavors and aroma. Unique and versatile. Wonderful addition to your specialty desserts. 20 Ct