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Gourmet Sweet Botanicals sells high quality MicroGreens, EdibleFlowers, Herb & Fruit Crystals, and much more! We have selected the finest grower located in San Diego, California's ideal growing climate resulting in a superior quality product and excellent availability. These products are harvested, packed and shipped the same day to ensure the utmost in color, freshness and flavor.

We ship all over the U.S. from San Diego, CA. Fresh product is shipped overnight for next day delivery. Please indicate any special instructions and the date you wish to receive your order, in the "Delivery Date/Special Instructions" box, during check out. We are not able to deliver to PO Boxes.

 Delivery days are Wednesday through Saturday (No Saturday delivery for rural areas). We do not deliver on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays.

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    Alyssum Flower 50 Ct Arugula Blossom 100 Ct Bachelor's Button
    Alyssum Flower 50 CtArugula Blossom 100 CtBachelor's Button

    Beautiful shades of purple & white. 50 Count.

    Cream colored 5 petaled small blossoms with a great nutty flavor. 100 Ct.

    Gorgeous shades of blues, pinks, and purples. 25 or 50 Count.

    Basil Blossom Bean Flower 50 Ct Begonia Flower Mix 50 Ct
    Basil Blossom Bean Flower 50 CtBegonia Flower Mix 50 Ct

    Purple, lavender, white; Intense basil flavor. Sweet, fresh herb aroma.      25 or 50 Count.

    Bright flowers with a nice bean flavor. 50 Ct

    Mix of Red, Pink, & White flowers. Tart, citrus flavor. Crunchy & juicy. 50 Ct.

    Begonia Flower Pink 50 Ct Borage Blossom 100 Ct Broccoli Flower™ 100 Ct
    Begonia Flower Pink 50 CtBorage Blossom 100 CtBroccoli Flower™ 100 Ct

    Vibrant pink petals with a bright yellow center & pink stems. 50 Ct.

    Bright, Beautiful & Blue! Star-shaped blossoms; cucumber flavor. 100 Ct.

    Pure white 4 petaled small delicate looking flowers with a yellow center. Mild broccoli taste. 

    Buzz Buttons™ 50 Ct Buzz Buttons™ *** Calendula 50 Ct
    Buzz Buttons™ 50 CtBuzz Buttons™ ***Calendula 50 Ct

    Flowers that produce a tingly effect. 50 Ct

    *Buy 3 Get 1 Free

    Brilliant orange and yellow large flowers; Mild flavor with a touch of tartness. 50 Count.

    Carnation 50 Ct Chives Blossom 50 Ct Chocolate Bellflower™ 100 Ct
    Carnation 50 CtChives Blossom 50 CtChocolate Bellflower™ 100 Ct

    Beautiful combination of colors. 50 Ct.

    Aromatic, intense chive flavor; lavendar colored. 50 Count.

    Small bell-shaped royal purple & bright yellow flowers with a mild chocolate taste. 100 Count.

    Cilantro Flower™ 50 Ct Cosmos 50 Ct Cucumber Flower 50 Ct
    Cilantro Flower™ 50 CtCosmos 50 CtCucumber Flower 50 Ct

     Delicate looking, lovely white flowers with dark green stems. 50 Ct

    Colorful array of pink, purple & white tones, mild flavor. 50 Count.

    Gorgeous, bright, small 5 petaled yellow blossoms; fresh cucumber taste. 50 Ct.

    Dahlia Dianthus 50 Ct Dill Flower 50 Ct
    DahliaDianthus 50 CtDill Flower 50 Ct


    Bright colors 25 or 50 Count.


    Assorted Colors of Dianthus, From Pinks to Reds to Burgundy & White. Mild tart flavor. 50 Count.

    Dark green stems with bright yellow tiny blossoms. Strong dill taste. 50 Count.

    Elder Flower 50 Ct Fava Flower 50 Ct Fennel Flower 50 Ct
    Elder Flower 50 CtFava Flower 50 CtFennel Flower 50 Ct

    Small bunches of tiny yellow flowers on stem 50 Ct

    Bright magenta color; Fava bean flavor. 50 Count.

    Sweet & strong anise flavored, tiny yellow flowers; bright green stems. 50 Ct.

    Firestix™ 50 Ct Firestix™ Mix 50 Ct Fuchsia Mix 50 Ct
    Firestix™ 50 CtFirestix™ Mix 50 CtFuchsia Mix 50 Ct

    Fiery bright red spears & stems; Beautiful & vibrant addition to cocktails. 50 Ct.

    Colorful, bright mix of red, yellow, orange, & majenta flower spheres that resemble flames! Mild corn taste. 50 Ct

     Lovely shades of pink, purple & fuchsia. Crunchy & juicy with a hint of tang. 50 Count.

    Garlic Flower 50 Ct Herb Flowers Mix 50 Ct Hibiscus Flower 50 Ct
    Garlic Flower 50 CtHerb Flowers Mix 50 CtHibiscus Flower 50 Ct

    Garlic aroma and flavor. Garlic lover's delight! 

    Beautiful, aromatic and extremely flavorful herb flowers mix; Basil, Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary and more. 50 Count.


    Mild tart flavor. 50 Ct.

    Jasmine Flower 100 Ct Lavender Marigold
    Jasmine Flower 100 CtLavenderMarigold

     Fragrant white flowers with a hint of pink. 100 Ct

    Lavender flowers on pretty stem 25 Ct or 50 Ct

    Gorgeous, vibrant yellow, orange, and red flowers; Tangy, citrus flavor. 25 or 50 Count.

    Micro Dianthus™ 200 Ct Micro Firestix™ 200 Ct Micro Marigold Floret™ 200 Ct
    Micro Dianthus™ 200 CtMicro Firestix™ 200 CtMicro Marigold Floret™ 200 Ct

    Bright colors of red & majenta. Strong tart flavor. 200 Count.

    Mix of red, yellow, orange; tiny petals,mild corn taste. 100 Count.

    Bright yellow & orange. Citrus flavor. 200 Count.

    Micro Marigold™ 200 Ct Micro Orchid™ 100 Ct Micro Pepper Flower Purple™ 100 Ct
    Micro Marigold™ 200 CtMicro Orchid™ 100 CtMicro Pepper Flower Purple™ 100 Ct

    Bright yellow and orange small 5 petaled flowers. Citrus flavor. 200 Ct.

    A mix of vibrant colors of orange, yellow, purple, white, and pink! 100 Ct.

    Beautiful dark purple colored 6-7 petaled gems. Mild, sweet bell pepper taste. 100 Ct.

    Micro Pepper Flower White™ 100 Ct Micro Princess Flower™ Purple 100 Ct Micro Princess Flower™ White 100 Ct
    Micro Pepper Flower White™ 100 CtMicro Princess Flower™ Purple 100 CtMicro Princess Flower™ White 100 Ct

    Bright white colored 6-7 petaled tiny flowers with vibrant green stems. 100 Ct.

    Delightful, tiny purple 5-petaled flower with a mild green pepper flavor. 100 Count


    Mini White 5-petaled round shaped flowers with a yellow center & mild green pepper flavor. 100 Ct.

    Micro Star Flower™ 200 Ct Micro Sun Daisy™ 200 Ct Micro Sun Daisy Mix™ 200 Ct
    Micro Star Flower™ 200 CtMicro Sun Daisy™ 200 CtMicro Sun Daisy Mix™ 200 Ct

    Micro sized, 5-petaled red and pink flowers shaped like stars. 200 Count.

    Vibrant yellow tiny 5-petaled flowers resembling daisies with a mild flavor. 200 Count.

    Vibrant Sunshine Mix.

    Micro Verbena Mix 200 Ct Micro Sunset Trumpet Mix™ 200 Ct Micro White Mum™ 200 Ct
    Micro Verbena Mix 200 CtMicro Sunset Trumpet Mix™ 200 CtMicro White Mum™ 200 Ct

    Colorful 5-petaled flowers with jagged edges.

    Formerly know as Tiny Verbena

    Small off-white flowers with a yellow center resembling chrysanthemums.

    Micro Flowers Blend™ 200 Ct Mint Lavender™ Flower 50 Ct Mum Flower 50 Ct
    Micro Flowers Blend™ 200 CtMint Lavender™ Flower 50 CtMum Flower 50 Ct

    Blend of Micro-sized flowers; Fantastic array of colors and textures. 200 Ct.

    Beautiful, light purple small flowers on bright green stems. Fresh Mint flavor and aroma. 50 Count.


    Assortment of different colored mum flowers. 50 Count.

    Mustard Flower 100 Ct Nasturtium Flower Orchid Pastel 25 Ct
    Mustard Flower 100 CtNasturtium FlowerOrchid Pastel 25 Ct

    Vivid yellow, tiny 5 petaled flowers; Mild mustard taste. 100 Count.

    Orange, yellow, and red; Peppery spiciness. 25 or 50 Count.

    Gorgeous, pastel flowers. 25 Count

    Orchid Fairy Mix™ 100 Ct Decorative Orchid Oyster Flower 50 Ct
    Orchid Fairy Mix™ 100 CtDecorative OrchidOyster Flower 50 Ct

    Formerly know as Tiny Orchid 

    Please note that this Orchid will continue to be offered as Decorative Only.

    Tiny light blue flowers on stems with a fresh, real oyster taste! 50 Count.

    Pansy 50 Ct Premium Pansy Spring Mix 50 Ct Premium Pansy Pastel Mix 50 Ct
    Pansy 50 CtPremium Pansy Spring Mix 50 CtPremium Pansy Pastel Mix 50 Ct
    A mix of colors, versatile garnish. 50 Ct

     A mix of bold spring colors. Vibrant and beautiful.

    All pretty Pastel colors! Gentle Pinks, Periwinkles, and Yellows. 50 Count.

    Pansy Red, White, & Blue Mix 50 Ct Pea Flower 50 Ct Premium All About Spring Pastels Mix
    Pansy Red, White, & Blue Mix 50 CtPea Flower 50 CtPremium All About Spring Pastels Mix

    It's the Red, White, and Blue colors! 50 Count.

    Light Purple or White Color, Fresh Pea flavor. 50 Count.

    Fantastic Array of Pastel Colors; Including Pinks, Yellows, Creams, Lavender and more! 

    Premium Assortment Mix Premium Red, White, & Blue Mix Premium Summer Flowers Mix
    Premium Assortment MixPremium Red, White, & Blue MixPremium Summer Flowers Mix

    Red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, white, pink, & lavender; Variety of flavors, from sweet to citrusy, tangy & spicy.

    Fantastic Array of American Colors; Including Red, White, and Blue Colors! 

    Bright Summer colors: yellows, oranges, golds, whites.

    Radish Flower 100 Ct Rose 25 Ct Rose Little Red Corvette™ 25 Ct
    Radish Flower 100 CtRose 25 CtRose Little Red Corvette™ 25 Ct

    5-petaled small flowers with a kick of radish flavor! Light purple & white. 100 Count.

    Fabulous selection of variety & colors 25 Ct


     mini red roses 25 Ct


    Rose Petal 2 oz Premium Rose Petal Red 2oz Premium Confetti 1.5 Ounces
    Rose Petal 2 ozPremium Rose Petal Red 2ozPremium Confetti 1.5 Ounces

    Beautiful array of fresh Edible Rose Petals 2 Ounces.

    Bright, pure red rose petals. Mildly sweet flavor with a great floral fragrance. 2 Ounces (Typically 250 petals)

    Wonderful mixture of flower petals; Colors of orange, yellow, red, pink, lavender and more! 1.5 Ounces.

    Sage Monet Pink™ 100 Ct Shiso Flower Mix™ 50 Ct Snapdragon
    Sage Monet Pink™ 100 CtShiso Flower Mix™ 50 CtSnapdragon

    Pretty, pink flowers with white ends & a sweet taste. 100 Ct.

    4" long sprigs with a mix of white and dark purple flowers. Sweet herbal taste. 50 Ct. 

    Beautiful spectrum of red, yellow, pink, & white flowers with a tart flavor. 25 or 50 Count.

    Squash Blossom 25 Ct Zucchini w/ Flower 25 Ct Thyme Blossom 50 Ct
    Squash Blossom 25 CtZucchini w/ Flower 25 CtThyme Blossom 50 Ct

     Bright yellow flowers with a sweet, mild zucchini flavor. 25 Count.

     Bright yellow flowers with small zucchini attached. Fresh zucchini flavor. 25 Count.

    2" sprigs with light pink & white tiny flowers with green leaves. Strong thyme taste. 50 Ct.

    Viola 50 Ct Premium Viola Bi-Color 50 Ct Premium Viola Pastels 50 Ct
    Viola 50 CtPremium Viola Bi-Color 50 CtPremium Viola Pastels 50 Ct

    Blue, purple, yellow, and orange; Mild, tart flavor. 50 Count.

    Gorgeous 2 colored fancy flowers. Mild taste with a hint of tartness. 50 Count

    Pretty Soft Pastels Mix. 50 Count

    Edamame Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Fava Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Haricot Shoots Gold™ 4 oz
    Edamame Shoots Gold™ 4 ozFava Shoots Gold™ 4 ozHaricot Shoots Gold™ 4 oz

    Golden stems and bean-like top. 4 Ounce

    Sunshine yellow leaves with cruncy white stems. 4 ounce

    Beautiful golden leaves with a pure white stem. 4 ounce

    Mung Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Pea Shoots Gold 4 oz Popcorn Shoots 4oz
    Mung Shoots Gold™ 4 ozPea Shoots Gold 4 ozPopcorn Shoots 4oz

    Lively yellow colored leaves with bright white long stems. Fresh mung bean flavor. 4 ounce

    Tender, golden colored pea shoots. Tasty pea flavor, great for adding height. 4 Ounce

    Golden shoots grown from real popcorn! Super sweet taste. 4 Ounce

    Squash Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Kaiware Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Micro Amaranth Red
    Squash Shoots Gold™ 4 ozKaiware Shoots Gold™ 4 ozMicro Amaranth Red

    Bright yellow leaves with crunchy white stems. Wonderful and fresh squash flavor. 4 oz

    Bright gold tiny leaves with white stems. Japanese daikon. Fresh radish taste. 4 Ounce


    Bright Red leaves; Mild corn flavor. 

    Micro Arugula Micro Asian Mix™ Micro Basil Italian
    Micro ArugulaMicro Asian Mix™Micro Basil Italian

    Bright green heart shaped leaves; Spicy & nutty flavor.

    Mixture of Shisos, Mustards, Radish Ruby, Shungiku & More.

    Intense, green leaves; Amazingly aromatic, fresh basil flavor.

    Micro Basil Lemon Micro Basil Mix Micro Basil Opal
    Micro Basil LemonMicro Basil MixMicro Basil Opal

    Attractive, light green color. Amazingly fresh flavors of basil and citrus.

    Combination of 9 different Basils. Flavors of anise, cinnamon, clove, Italian, nutmeg, lemon and more.

    Beautiful purple color. Fresh basil and clove flavor. Wonderful for adding color to entrees and desserts.

    Micro Beets Bull's Blood Micro Carrot Top Micro Celery
    Micro Beets Bull's BloodMicro Carrot TopMicro Celery

    Colorful Red & green leaves. Great Beet flavor.

    Frilly green leaves; delicate and classy look. Yummy sweet & earthy carrot flavor goes with nearly any entree.

    Frilly green; Fresh celery flavor.

    Micro Chard Mix Micro Chef's Blend™ Micro Chervil
    Micro Chard MixMicro Chef's Blend™Micro Chervil

    Brilliant colors; bright green leaves with yellow & red stems. 

    Fantastic combination of 15-20 Greens and herbs.; Topped by colorful edible flower petals.

    Frilly leaf; Licorice flavor!

    Micro Chives Micro Cilantro Micro Citrus Mix
    Micro ChivesMicro CilantroMicro Citrus Mix

    Needle-like, thin green leaves with tiny edible black seeds attached. Fresh chive/onion flavor. 

    Shiny, thin, smooth green leaves; Intense cilantro flavor.

    Appealing combo of herbs & greens with different textures and a splash of red. Fresh flavors of lemon, lime, & tangerine.

    Micro Cress Pepper Micro Fennel Micro Fines Herbs Mix™
    Micro Cress PepperMicro FennelMicro Fines Herbs Mix™

    Thin, curly, small green leaves. Nice peppery spice. 

     Thin & long frilly green leaves. Sweet & earthy licorice flavor.

    Classic French Herb Mix: Micros Chervil, Parsley, French Tarragon & Amaranth.

    Micro Harvest Mix™ Micro Hearts on Fire™ Micro Kale Mix
    Micro Harvest Mix™Micro Hearts on Fire™ Micro Kale Mix

    Green, red, purple leaves with different textures. Flavors range from citrusy to spicy to herbaceous.

     Small heart-shaped leaf with red veins and citrus flavor

    A mixture of a few different types of kale & cabbage. Super nutritious micro mix! Earthy & slightly bitter taste.

    Micro Merlot Mix Micro Arrow Mint Micro Mint
    Micro Merlot MixMicro Arrow MintMicro Mint

    A colorful combination of all of our Red colored Microgreens.

    Intense Mint Flavor and Aroma.

    Deep green leaves. Strong, fresh taste of spearmint. Perfect garnish and flavor addition to all kinds of desserts.

    Micro Mint Lavender™ Micro Mirepoix Mix Micro Mustard Dijon™
    Micro Mint Lavender™Micro Mirepoix MixMicro Mustard Dijon™

    Essence of Sweet Mint; Naturally Aromatic; Perfect Addition to Meats...

    Our Mirepoix Mix is a microgreen version of the classic carrot, onion & celery combination. Bright green colors. 

    Attractive micro with light green leaves and a snappy personality. Tastes like spicy Mustard!

    Micro Mustard Red Micro Parsley Italian Micro Pea Green
    Micro Mustard RedMicro Parsley ItalianMicro Pea Green

    Dark green and maroon leaves with a strong mustard taste.

    Tiny and beautiful flat leafed parsley. Fresh parsley flavor and fragrance. 


    Lovely, round green leaves with a fresh Spring pea taste.

    Micro Radish Ruby Mix™ Micro Sea Bean Micro Shiso Red
    Micro Radish Ruby Mix™Micro Sea BeanMicro Shiso Red

    A mix of Radish Ruby and Radish Green


    Thin succulent dark green leaves. Mild salty juicy flavor.


    Delicate and attractive dark reddish-green leaves. Subtle shiso flavor. Beautiful garnish for sushi!

    Micro Tangerine Lace™ Micro Wasabi™ Micro Watercress
    Micro Tangerine Lace™Micro Wasabi™Micro Watercress

     Beautiful feathery green leaves. Amazing and surprising tangerine flavor!

    Green leaves; Spicy, wasabi mustard flavor 

    Rich, green, shiny circular leaves; Perfect for seafood dishes.

    MicroGreen Asian Assortment MicroGreen Assortment MicroGreen Herb Assortment
    MicroGreen Asian AssortmentMicroGreen AssortmentMicroGreen Herb Assortment

    Assortment of 6; Fantastic for Asian cuisine 2 oz paks

    Assortment of 6 MicroGreens; Great Sampling - 2 oz paks

    Assortment of 6 Micro Herbs          2 oz paks

    Amaranth Giant Leaf 50 Ct Begonia Angelwing Leaf 50 Ct Celery Snowflake Leaf™ 50 Ct
    Amaranth Giant Leaf 50 CtBegonia Angelwing Leaf 50 CtCelery Snowflake Leaf™ 50 Ct

    Array of yellow, pink, orange, and green colors. 50 Count

    Medium sized, oval leaves with a rich burgundy color. Tart taste. 50 Count

    Green varigated leaves with pink tips & long stems. Fresh celery flavor. 50 Count.

    Endive Violet Flash Leaf™ 50 Ct Kinome Leaf Maple Hibiscus Leaf™
    Endive Violet Flash Leaf™ 50 CtKinome LeafMaple Hibiscus Leaf™

     50 Count

    50 Count

    Pink and Maroon varigated leaves. 50 Count

    Oyster Leaf Pea Tendril Peanut Leaf™
    Oyster LeafPea TendrilPeanut Leaf™

    Gorgeous, light grey leaf with an amazing, authentic Oyster flavor. 50 Count. *Buy 2 Get 1 Free*

    Long bright green stems with thin curly leaves with robust Pea flavor. 50 Count.

    50 Count

    Rootbeer Leaf Sorrel Butterfly Purple™ Sorrel Silver leaf™
    Rootbeer LeafSorrel Butterfly Purple™Sorrel Silver leaf™

    Large dark green leaves; 6"-7" long; Fresh Rootbeer Flavor.  25ct

    50 Count

    Rich green leaves with shiny highlights of silver. Very tart, citrusy & juicy. 50 Count

    Sunset Geranium Leaf™ Amaranth Carnival Tops™ 50 Count Herb Tops Mixture
    Sunset Geranium Leaf™ Amaranth Carnival Tops™ 50 CountHerb Tops Mixture


     Pink, orange, red and yellow colors as well as a delicious corn flavor        50 Count

    Colorful mixture of several types of Sages & Mints. 50 Count

    Mint Tops Mix Sage Tops Mix Specialty Item Pink Peppercorn
    Mint Tops MixSage Tops MixSpecialty Item Pink Peppercorn

    Aromatic Mint Tops; Banana, Chocolate, Lime, Orange, Pineapple... 50 Count

    Mix of different Sages; Including Gold, Purple, & Tricolor. 50 Count

    50 Count

    Specialty Item Ice Bud™ Tiny Veggies™ Beet Tiny Veggies™ Carrot Mix
    Specialty Item Ice Bud™Tiny Veggies™ BeetTiny Veggies™ Carrot Mix

    Very flavorful, tart, juicy and salty like seawater. 25 Count

    Dark red, tiny beets with dark burgundy & green leaves attached. Sweet & earthy beet taste. 50 Ct.

    Crunchy, sweet garnish; Fantastic flavor; Tiny Veggies™ Carrots are 1/2" in length.  50 Count.

    Tiny Veggies™ Crudite Mix™ Tiny Veggies™ Cucumber Tiny Veggies™ Fennel Root
    Tiny Veggies™ Crudite Mix™Tiny Veggies™ CucumberTiny Veggies™ Fennel Root

    Tiny Veggies™ Crudite Mix is a sampling of our most popular Tiny Veggies™!  50 Count.

    Tiny Cucumbers that resemble tiny watermelons! Great juicy melon flavor. 50 Count.

    Frilly green leaves with tiny stalks; Intense licorice flavor. 50 Count.

    Tiny Veggies™ Leek Tiny Veggies™ Mustard Root™ 50 Count
    Tiny Veggies™ LeekTiny Veggies™ Mustard Root™Tiny Veggies™ Onion Mix

    Fresh, robust leek flavor. Delightful addition to soups and appetizers. 50 Count.

    Vibrant white colored roots with bright green curly tops. Spicy, fresh mustard taste. 50 Count.

    Tiny purple & white bulbs with bright green stems. Intense onion flavor. 50 Count.

    Tiny Veggies™ Parsnip Tiny Veggies™ Pepper Tiny Veggies™ Radish Mix
    Tiny Veggies™ ParsnipTiny Veggies™ Pepper Tiny Veggies™ Radish Mix

    Cream colored, carrot shaped veggies with bright green stems & leaves attached. Sweet, nutty, earthy flavor. 50 Ct.

    Fantastic assortment of colors, including red, yellow, purple & orange. 50 Count.

    Spicy, attractive & crunchy. Bursting with fresh radish flavor. Bright red & pink in color. 50 Count.

    Tiny Veggies™ Scallion Red Tiny Veggies™ Squash Tiny Veggies™ Turnip Mix
    Tiny Veggies™ Scallion RedTiny Veggies™ SquashTiny Veggies™ Turnip Mix

    Reddish-purple veggies with green leaves and tiny white roots attached. Flavorful onion flavor. 50 Ct.


    Cute, assorted tiny squash with yellow & green colors. Great squash flavor. 50 Count.


    Tangy, vivid turnip flavor. Pink & white colors with green leaves attached. 50 Count.

    Petite Amaranth Red Petite Arugula™ Petite Asian Mix™
    Petite Amaranth RedPetite Arugula™Petite Asian Mix™

    Colorful dark & bright red oval shaped leaves. Mild corn taste.

    Bright, green leaves with an unbeatable nutty flavor.

    Remarkable combination of Petite Asian greens, including shisos, mustards, mizuna, shungiku, mung, pak choy, & tatsoi 

    Petite Basil Italian™ Petite Basil Lemon™ Petite Basil Mix™
    Petite Basil Italian™Petite Basil Lemon™Petite Basil Mix™

    Authentic, flavorful, fragrant, and versatile;Accent fresh salads, soups, entrees, and more; Versatile accent  

    Beautiful light green color, citrus aroma & taste.

    Great mixture of several different delicious basils. Aromatic, fresh flavors of anise, cinnamon, clove, Italian, nutmeg, and lemon.

    Petite Basil Opal Petite Beets Bull's Blood™ Petite Citrus Mix™
    Petite Basil OpalPetite Beets Bull's Blood™Petite Citrus Mix™

    Beautiful dark purple leaves. Fresh & intense basil taste.

    Red & Green Petite sized Beet Tops with a fresh, sweet, earthy Beet flavor.

    Strong Citrus Flavored Herbs; Basil Lemon, Mint Lemon, Sorrel, Tangerine Lace & more.

    Petite Epazote Petite Fines Herbs Mix™ Petite Gourmet Seasons Mix™
    Petite EpazotePetite Fines Herbs Mix™Petite Gourmet Seasons Mix™

    Unique, Latin Herb with a very strong, distinct taste. Long, green jagged edged leaves. 

     Classic French combination of fresh herbs, including chervil, chives, tarragon and parsley. 

    Amazingly colorful, flavorful and versatile combination of petite sized herbs and greens.

    Petite Hearts on Fire™ Petite Iceplant™ Petite Lavender
    Petite Hearts on Fire™Petite Iceplant™Petite Lavender

    Bold red veins on exotic green leaves. Intense citrus taste. Beautiful garnish for salads, meat, desserts.

    Bright green leaves with shimmering water crystals and pink stems. Bite into a juicy burst of ocean water. 

    Light greenish-grey soft leaves. Sweet lavender flavor, intensely aromatic. New, unique version of fresh lavender. 

    Petite Lemon Grass™ Petite Licorice Mix™ Petite Lucky Shamrock Mix™ 100 Ct
    Petite Lemon Grass™Petite Licorice Mix™Petite Lucky Shamrock Mix™ 100 Ct

    Thin green grass-like leaves. Tart, tangy lemon flavor. 

    A wonderful combination of anise flavored herbs and greens. Perfect flavor addition to salmon, shrimp, scallops and lamb entrees. 

    Add sweet Luck to your Spring dishes! Gorgeous three, four, and five leafed lucky clovers! Perfect garnish for St. Patty's Day! 100 Count.

    Petite Meadow Sorrel Mix Petite Mint Petite Mint Lemon™
    Petite Meadow Sorrel MixPetite MintPetite Mint Lemon™

    Beautiful color combination of majenta, green and maroon. Intensely tart taste! 100 Count.

    Dark green leaves. Classic, strong Spearmint taste. 

    Serrated green leaves with fantastic minty and lemony taste; Great on citrusy desserts.



    Petite Mint Licorice Petite Mizuna Petite Mustard Green Frill™
    Petite Mint LicoricePetite MizunaPetite Mustard Green Frill™

    Vibrant Green heart shaped leaves with serrated edges. Intense Licorice and Mint flavor.

    Japanese Mustard green with light green, long serrated leaves.

    Wonderful frilly leaves and a delightfully spicy flavor  4 ounce

    Petite Mustard Mix™ Petite Mustard Red Frill™ Petite Nasturtium Leaf™
    Petite Mustard Mix™Petite Mustard Red Frill™Petite Nasturtium Leaf™

    Rustic in appearance, robust in flavor. Great mixture of different types of mustards, red and green.

    Frilly leaves with reddish tint and a strong mustard flavor.

    Dark green round leaves that look similar to lily-pads; Peppery flavor,rich in Vitamin C; Fantastic bed for seafood  

    Petite Ocean Mix™ 4 oz Petite Pea Green™ Petite Primavera Mix™
    Petite Ocean Mix™ 4 ozPetite Pea Green™Petite Primavera Mix™

    Unique combination of sea related greens, such as sea beans, sea spinach, sea grass and more. Sea salt flavor.

    Tender, Flavorful & Versatile.

    Flavorful Mix of Fresh Greens; Herb-free; Lettuces, Pea Greens, Mache, Nasturtium Leaves

    Petite Pumpkin Green™ Petite Rosemary™ Petite Sea Grass™
    Petite Pumpkin Green™Petite Rosemary™Petite Sea Grass™

     A brand new form of Pumpkin! Savory pumpkin/squash flavor, pretty green leaves.

    Shiny dark green, tender leaves. Strong Rosemary flavor; herbacious aroma.

    Grassy thin curly leaves with a salty taste & succulent texture.

    Petite Shiso Mix Petite Sorrel Green Apple 100 Count Petite Spinach Burgundy™
    Petite Shiso MixPetite Sorrel Green Apple 100 CountPetite Spinach Burgundy™

    Attractive combo of bright green & dark purple soft leaves. Delicate herb flavor. 

     Shiny green leaves with a tart, green apple taste. 100 Count

     Beautiful, bright burgandy/purple color. Great spinach taste. 

    Petite Tarragon Spanish™ Petite Thyme™ Petite Watercress Green™
    Petite Tarragon Spanish™Petite Thyme™Petite Watercress Green™

    Bright green leaves with a fresh licorice flavor. 

    Tiny dark green leaves with lovely aroma; Spicy flavor; Tender leaves; Add to savory entrees.  4 Ounce 

      Aquatic leafy green circular leaves. Spicy and bitter taste.

    Petite Watercress Mix 100 Ct Petite Watercress Pink Ice™ 100 Ct Petite Watercress Red™
    Petite Watercress Mix 100 CtPetite Watercress Pink Ice™ 100 CtPetite Watercress Red™

    Wonderful, colorful mixture of our varigated Watercress leaves. 100 Count.

    Light purple-ish pink shades; lime green stems. Fresh, spicy peppery kick. 100 Ct.

     Unique deep purple leaves with green veins and stems. Strong peppery flavor.

    Petite Watercress White Angel™ 100 Ct Flower Crystals® Fennel Mini Flower Crystals® Fennel
    Petite Watercress White Angel™ 100 CtFlower Crystals® FennelMini Flower Crystals® Fennel

    Brilliant white-edged green leaves with a peppery, nutty taste. 100 Count.


    Sweet, subtle fennel taste; Fantastic on Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

    Bright yellow color, sweet licorice taste.

    Flower Crystals® Hibiscus Mini Flower Crystals® Hibiscus Flower Crystals® Rose
    Flower Crystals® HibiscusMini Flower Crystals® HibiscusFlower Crystals® Rose

    Maroon color, sweet and sour taste.  

    Pretty majenta color, sweet & sour tropical flavor.

    Pretty pink color. Sweet, tasty floral flavor. 

    Mini Flower Crystals® Rose Fruit Crystals™ Cranberry Mini Fruit Crystals™ Cranberry
    Mini Flower Crystals® RoseFruit Crystals™ CranberryMini Fruit Crystals™ Cranberry

    Vibrant pink; sweet floral rose flavor.

    Bright pinkish-red color. Sweet & tart cranberry taste.

    Tart & sweet, deliciuos fresh cranberry taste! Bright red color.   

    Fruit Crystals™ Pumpkin Spice Mini Fruit Crystals™ Pumpkin Spice Herb Crystals® Basil
    Fruit Crystals™ Pumpkin SpiceMini Fruit Crystals™ Pumpkin SpiceHerb Crystals® Basil



    Crunchy, Sweet, Basil Flavor and Aroma.

    Mini Herb Crystals® Basil Herb Crystals® Cilantro Mini Herb Crystals® Cilantro
    Mini Herb Crystals® BasilHerb Crystals® CilantroMini Herb Crystals® Cilantro

    Savory and sweet fresh basil flavor. Dark Green. 

    Crunchy, Sweet, with a Fresh Cilantro Flavor; Delicious!

    Bright green color, fresh cilantro taste. 

    Herb Crystals® Ginger Mini Herb Crystals® Ginger Herb Crystals® Habanero
    Herb Crystals® GingerMini Herb Crystals® GingerHerb Crystals® Habanero

    Delicious new Herb Crystal flavor! Light yellow, crunchy crystals that have a sweet heat. Wonderful fresh Ginger tang.

    Sweet, spicy, & tangy Ginger flavor! Light yellow color. Perfect glass rimmer for moscow mules.

     Bright orange crunchy crystals with a spicy sweet taste!

    Mini Herb Crystals® Habanero Herb Crystals® Mint Mini Herb Crystals® Mint
    Mini Herb Crystals® HabaneroHerb Crystals® MintMini Herb Crystals® Mint

    Vibrant orange tiny crystals, with a spicy kick and a sweet flavor.

    Fresh, minty aroma and flavor.

    Vibrant green color, flavors of mint. 

    Herb & Flower Crystals® Assortment 6 - 4 oz
    Herb & Flower Crystals® Assortment 6 - 4 oz

    Asst of 6 Unique Crystals - Basil, Cilantro, Mint, Hibiscus, Fennel & Rose; 6 - 4 Oz 

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