Edible Flowers

Our variety of Edible Flowers is unsurpassed with its gorgeous pansies, vibrant violas, romantic roses, aromatic herb flowers, savory veggie flowers and so much more.Our Flowers come in various counts, such as 25, 50, and 100. (The count is the number of the individual flowers per container.)


Flowers are seasonal, which means colors and size may vary during the year. If you need specific colors or have any special requests, let us know during check out.


We are constantly updating our inventory, please check back later if something is currently unavailable.


*Please note: Our items are harvested to order, we will notify you as soon as possible, if any items cannot be confirmed.

    Alyssum Flower 50 Ct Arugula Blossom 100 Ct Bachelor's Button
    Alyssum Flower 50 CtArugula Blossom 100 CtBachelor's Button

    Beautiful shades of purple & white. 50 Count.

    Cream colored 5 petaled small blossoms with a great nutty flavor. 100 Ct.

    Gorgeous shades of blues, pinks, and purples. 25 or 50 Count.

    Basil Blossom Bean Flower 50 Ct Begonia Flower Mix 50 Ct
    Basil Blossom Bean Flower 50 CtBegonia Flower Mix 50 Ct

    Purple, lavender, white; Intense basil flavor. Sweet, fresh herb aroma.      25 or 50 Count.

    Bright flowers with a nice bean flavor. 50 Ct

    Mix of Red, Pink, & White flowers. Tart, citrus flavor. Crunchy & juicy. 50 Ct.

    Begonia Flower Pink 50 Ct Borage Blossom 100 Ct Broccoli Flower™ 100 Ct
    Begonia Flower Pink 50 CtBorage Blossom 100 CtBroccoli Flower™ 100 Ct

    Vibrant pink petals with a bright yellow center & pink stems. 50 Ct.

    Star-shaped blossoms; cucumber flavor. 100 Ct.

    Pure white 4 petaled small delicate looking flowers with a yellow center. Mild broccoli taste. 

    Buzz Button™ 50 Ct Buzz Button™ *** Calendula 50 Ct
    Buzz Button™ 50 CtBuzz Button™ ***Calendula 50 Ct

    Flowers that produce a tingly effect. 50 Ct

    *Buy 3 Get 1 Free

    Brilliant orange and yellow large flowers; Mild flavor with a touch of tartness. 50 Count.

    Carnation 50 Ct Chives Blossom 50 Ct Chocolate Bellflower™ 100 Ct
    Carnation 50 CtChives Blossom 50 CtChocolate Bellflower™ 100 Ct

    Beautiful combination of colors. 50 Ct.

    Aromatic, intense chive flavor; lavendar colored. 50 Count.

    Small bell-shaped royal purple & bright yellow flowers with a mild chocolate taste. 100 Count.

    Cilantro Flower™ 50 Ct Cosmos 50 Ct Cucumber Flower 50 Ct
    Cilantro Flower™ 50 CtCosmos 50 CtCucumber Flower 50 Ct

     Delicate looking, lovely white flowers with dark green stems. 50 Ct

    Colorful array of pink, purple & white tones, mild flavor. 50 Count.

    Gorgeous, bright, small 5 petaled yellow blossoms; fresh cucumber taste. 50 Ct.

    Dahlia Dianthus 50 Ct Dill Flower 50 Ct
    DahliaDianthus 50 CtDill Flower 50 Ct


    Bright colors 25 or 50 Count.


    Assorted Colors of Dianthus, From Pinks to Reds to Burgundy & White. Mild tart flavor. 50 Count.

    Dark green stems with bright yellow tiny blossoms. Strong dill taste. 50 Count.

    Elder Flower 50 Ct Fava Flower 50 Ct Fennel Flower 50 Ct
    Elder Flower 50 CtFava Flower 50 CtFennel Flower 50 Ct

    Small bunches of tiny yellow flowers on stem 50 Ct

    Bright magenta color; Fava bean flavor. 50 Count.

    Sweet & strong anise flavored, tiny yellow flowers; bright green stems. 50 Ct.

    Firestix™ 50 Ct Firestix™ Mix 50 Ct Fuchsia Mix 50 Ct
    Firestix™ 50 CtFirestix™ Mix 50 CtFuchsia Mix 50 Ct

    Fiery bright red spears & stems; Beautiful & vibrant addition to cocktails. 50 Ct.

    Colorful, bright mix of red, yellow, orange, & majenta flower spheres that resemble flames! Mild corn taste. 50 Ct

     Lovely shades of pink, purple & fuchsia. Crunchy & juicy with a hint of tang. 50 Count.

    Garlic Flower 50 Ct Herb Flowers Mix 50 Ct Hibiscus Flower 50 Ct
    Garlic Flower 50 CtHerb Flowers Mix 50 CtHibiscus Flower 50 Ct

    Garlic aroma and flavor. Garlic lover's delight! 

    Beautiful, aromatic and extremely flavorful herb flowers mix; Basil, Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary and more. 50 Count.


    Mild tart flavor. 50 Ct.

    Jasmine Flower 100 Ct Lavender Marigold
    Jasmine Flower 100 CtLavenderMarigold

     Fragrant white flowers with a hint of pink. 100 Ct

    Lavender flowers on pretty stem 25 Ct or 50 Ct

    Gorgeous, vibrant yellow, orange, and red flowers; Tangy, citrus flavor. 25 or 50 Count.

    Mint Lavender™ Flower 50 Ct Mum Flower 50 Ct Mustard Flower 100 Ct
    Mint Lavender™ Flower 50 CtMum Flower 50 CtMustard Flower 100 Ct

    Beautiful, light purple small flowers on bright green stems. Fresh Mint flavor and aroma. 50 Count.


    Assortment of different colored mum flowers. 50 Count.

    Vivid yellow, tiny 5 petaled flowers; Mild mustard taste. 100 Count.

    Nasturtium Flower Orchid Pastel 25 Ct Orchid Fairy Mix™ 100 Ct
    Nasturtium FlowerOrchid Pastel 25 CtOrchid Fairy Mix™ 100 Ct

    Orange, yellow, and red; Peppery spiciness. 25 or 50 Count.

    Gorgeous, pastel flowers. 25 Count

    Formerly know as Tiny Orchid 

    Oyster Flower 50 Ct Pansy 50 Ct Premium Pansy Pastel Mix 50 Ct
    Oyster Flower 50 CtPansy 50 CtPremium Pansy Pastel Mix 50 Ct

    Tiny light blue flowers on stems with a fresh, real oyster taste! 50 Count.

    A mix of colors, versatile garnish. 50 Ct

    All pretty Pastel colors! Gentle Pinks, Periwinkles, and Yellows. 50 Count.

    Pansy Red, White, & Blue Mix 50 Ct Pea Flower 50 Ct Premium All About Spring Pastels Mix
    Pansy Red, White, & Blue Mix 50 CtPea Flower 50 CtPremium All About Spring Pastels Mix

    It's the Red, White, and Blue colors! 50 Count.

    Light Purple or White Color, Fresh Pea flavor. 50 Count.

    Fantastic Array of Pastel Colors; Including Pinks, Yellows, Creams, Lavender and more! 

    Premium Assortment Mix Premium Pansy Spring Mix 50 Ct Premium Red, White, & Blue Mix
    Premium Assortment MixPremium Pansy Spring Mix 50 CtPremium Red, White, & Blue Mix

    Red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, white, pink, & lavender; Variety of flavors, from sweet to citrusy, tangy & spicy.

     A mix of bold spring colors. Vibrant and beautiful.

    Fantastic Array of American Colors; Including Red, White, and Blue Colors! 

    Premium Summer Flowers Mix Radish Flower 100 Ct Rose 25 Ct
    Premium Summer Flowers MixRadish Flower 100 CtRose 25 Ct

    Bright Summer colors: yellows, oranges, golds, whites.

    5-petaled small flowers with a kick of radish flavor! Light purple & white. 100 Count.

    Fabulous selection of variety & colors 25 Ct


    Rose Little Red Corvette™ 25 Ct Rose Petal 2 oz Premium Rose Petal Red 2oz
    Rose Little Red Corvette™ 25 CtRose Petal 2 ozPremium Rose Petal Red 2oz

     mini red roses 25 Ct


    Beautiful array of fresh Edible Rose Petals 2 Ounces.

    Bright, pure red rose petals. Mildly sweet flavor with a great floral fragrance. 2 Ounces (Typically 250 petals)

    Premium Confetti 1.5 Ounces Sage Monet Pink™ 100 Ct Shiso Flower Mix™ 50 Ct
    Premium Confetti 1.5 OuncesSage Monet Pink™ 100 CtShiso Flower Mix™ 50 Ct

    Wonderful mixture of flower petals; Colors of orange, yellow, red, pink, lavender and more! 1.5 Ounces.

    Pretty, pink flowers with white ends & a sweet taste. 100 Ct.

    4" long sprigs with a mix of white and dark purple flowers. Sweet herbal taste. 50 Ct. 

    Snapdragon Squash Blossom 25 Ct Zucchini w/ Flower 25 Ct
    SnapdragonSquash Blossom 25 CtZucchini w/ Flower 25 Ct

    Beautiful spectrum of red, yellow, pink, & white flowers with a tart flavor. 25 or 50 Count.

     Bright yellow flowers with a sweet, mild zucchini flavor. 25 Count.

     Bright yellow flowers with small zucchini attached. Fresh zucchini flavor. 25 Count.

    Thyme Blossom 50 Ct Viola 50 Ct Premium Viola Bi-Color 50 Ct
    Thyme Blossom 50 CtViola 50 CtPremium Viola Bi-Color 50 Ct

    2" sprigs with light pink & white tiny flowers with green leaves. Strong thyme taste. 50 Ct.

    Blue, purple, yellow, and orange; Mild, tart flavor. 50 Count.

    Gorgeous 2 colored fancy flowers. Mild taste with a hint of tartness. 50 Count

    Premium Viola Pastels 50 Ct
    Premium Viola Pastels 50 Ct

    Pretty Soft Pastels Mix. 50 Count