Tiny Veggies™

Tiny Veggies™ are a unique and exciting line of miniature veggies that can be used as garnish or side dish. They can be served fresh or cooked in various ways. Extremely versatile, these little jewels will make your presentations really stand out! Colorful addition to appetizers, crudite platters and are a crunchy float on a cream soup. Tiny Veggies™ come pre-washed. All are 50 pieces per container.

Tiny Veggies™ Beet Tiny Veggies™ Carrot Mix Tiny Veggies™ Crudite Mix
Tiny Veggies™ BeetTiny Veggies™ Carrot MixTiny Veggies™ Crudite Mix

Dark red, tiny beets with dark burgundy & green leaves attached. Sweet & earthy beet taste. 50 Ct.

Crunchy, sweet garnish; Fantastic flavor; Tiny Veggies™ Carrots are 1/2" in length.  50 Count.

Tiny Veggies™ Crudite Mix is a sampling of our most popular Tiny Veggies™!  50 Count.

Tiny Veggies™ Cucumber Tiny Veggies™ Fennel Tiny Veggies™ Leek
Tiny Veggies™ CucumberTiny Veggies™ FennelTiny Veggies™ Leek

Tiny Cucumbers that resemble tiny watermelons! Great juicy melon flavor. 50 Count.

Frilly green leaves with tiny stalks; Intense licorice flavor. 50 Count.

Fresh, robust leek flavor. Delightful addition to soups and appetizers. 50 Count.

Tiny Veggies™ Mirepoix Mix Tiny Veggies™ Mustard 50 Count
Tiny Veggies™ Mirepoix MixTiny Veggies™ MustardTiny Veggies™ Onion Mix

Traditional French Base for cooking: TV Celery, TV Onion & TV Carrot Mix. 50 Count.

Vibrant white colored roots with bright green curly tops. Spicy, fresh mustard taste. 50 Count.

Tiny purple & white bulbs with bright green stems. Intense onion flavor. 50 Count.

Tiny Veggies™ Parsnip Tiny Veggies™ Pepper Mix Tiny Veggies™ Radish Mix
Tiny Veggies™ ParsnipTiny Veggies™ Pepper MixTiny Veggies™ Radish Mix

Cream colored, carrot shaped veggies with bright green stems & leaves attached. Sweet, nutty, earthy flavor. 50 Ct.

Fantastic assortment of colors, including red, yellow, purple & orange. 50 Count.

Spicy, attractive & crunchy. Bursting with fresh radish flavor. Bright red & pink in color. 50 Count.

Tiny Veggies™ Scallion Red Tiny Veggies™ Squash Tiny Veggies™ Turnip Mix
Tiny Veggies™ Scallion RedTiny Veggies™ SquashTiny Veggies™ Turnip Mix

Reddish-purple veggies with green leaves and tiny white roots attached. Flavorful onion flavor. 50 Ct.


Cute, assorted tiny squash with yellow & green colors. Great squash flavor. 50 Count.


Tangy, vivid turnip flavor. Pink & white colors with green leaves attached. 50 Count.