Herb, Flower & Fruit Crystals®

Crystals: Carefully hand harvested at the peak of flavor and color, fresh herbs, edible flowers or fruit are combined with pure cane sugar and dried to create these vibrant, crunchy, flavorful crystals. They are shelf-stable and best if used within 6 months and kept in a cool, dry place. No refrigeration is needed. They come in 4 oz or 16 oz. With so many different flavors, there are endless possibilities for use as an ingredient, garnish, and flavor/texture addition for savory and sweet dishes. No artificial flavorings or colors are added.

Mini Crystals: Same great flavors as the regular Crystals! Our Minis come as finer, smaller granules for rimming glasses. Unlike other cocktail glass rimmers, these are pure, all-natural flavors from the whole flower, herb or fruit. These come in 6 oz or 24 oz.

Please contact us if you are interested in a bulk order, so we can check on inventory and shipping cost.

**Due to supply shortages, we may send the crystals in pouches instead of bottles, this does not affect the freshness of the product or the amount of product received.

Flower Crystals® Fennel Flower Mini Crystals® Fennel Flower Crystals® Hibiscus
Flower Crystals® FennelFlower Mini Crystals® FennelFlower Crystals® Hibiscus

Sweet, subtle fennel taste; Fantastic on Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Bright yellow color, sweet licorice taste.

Maroon color, sweet and sour taste.  

Flower Mini Crystals® Hibiscus Flower Crystals® Rose Flower Mini Crystals® Rose
Flower Mini Crystals® HibiscusFlower Crystals® RoseFlower Mini Crystals® Rose

Pretty majenta color, sweet & sour tropical flavor.

Pretty pink color. Sweet, tasty floral flavor. 

Vibrant pink; sweet floral rose flavor.

Fruit Crystals® Cranberry Fruit Mini Crystals™ Cranberry Fruit Crystals® Pumpkin Spice
Fruit Crystals® CranberryFruit Mini Crystals™ CranberryFruit Crystals® Pumpkin Spice

Bright pinkish-red color. Sweet & tart cranberry taste.

Tart & sweet, deliciuos fresh cranberry taste! Bright red color.   

SEASONAL! Currenlty available by pre-order only.

Fruit Mini Crystals® Pumpkin Spice Herb Crystals® Basil Herb Mini Crystals® Basil
Fruit Mini Crystals® Pumpkin SpiceHerb Crystals® BasilHerb Mini Crystals® Basil

SEASONAL! Currenlty available by pre-order only.

Crunchy, Sweet, Basil Flavor and Aroma.

Savory and sweet fresh basil flavor. Dark Green. 

Herb Crystals® Cilantro Herb Mini Crystals® Cilantro Herb Crystals® Ginger
Herb Crystals® CilantroHerb Mini Crystals® CilantroHerb Crystals® Ginger

Crunchy, Sweet, with a Fresh Cilantro Flavor; Delicious!

Bright green color, fresh cilantro taste. 

Delicious new Herb Crystal flavor! Light yellow, crunchy crystals that have a sweet heat. Wonderful fresh Ginger tang.

Herb Mini Crystals® Ginger Herb Crystals® Habanero Herb Mini Crystals® Habanero
Herb Mini Crystals® GingerHerb Crystals® HabaneroHerb Mini Crystals® Habanero

Sweet, spicy, & tangy Ginger flavor! Light yellow color. Perfect glass rimmer for moscow mules.

 Bright orange crunchy crystals with a spicy sweet taste!

Vibrant orange tiny crystals, with a spicy kick and a sweet flavor.

Herb Crystals® Mint Herb Mini Crystals® Mint Herb & Flower Crystals® Assortment 6 - 4 oz Bottles
Herb Crystals® MintHerb Mini Crystals® MintHerb & Flower Crystals® Assortment 6 - 4 oz Bottles

Fresh, minty aroma and flavor.

Vibrant green color, flavors of mint. 

Asst of 6 Unique Crystals - Basil, Cilantro, Mint, Hibiscus, Fennel & Rose; 6 - 4 Oz Bottles