Leaves and more!

Amaranth Giant Leaf 50 Ct Begonia Angelwing Leaf 50 Ct Celery Snowflake Leaf™ 50 Ct
Amaranth Giant Leaf 50 CtBegonia Angelwing Leaf 50 CtCelery Snowflake Leaf™ 50 Ct

Array of yellow, pink, orange, and green colors. 50 Count

Medium sized, oval leaves with a rich burgundy color. Tart taste. 50 Count

Green varigated leaves with pink tips & long stems. Fresh celery flavor. 50 Count.

Endive Violet Flash Leaf™ 50 Ct Kinome Leaf Maple Hibiscus Leaf™
Endive Violet Flash Leaf™ 50 CtKinome LeafMaple Hibiscus Leaf™

 50 Count

50 Count

Pink and Maroon varigated leaves. 50 Count

Oyster Leaf Pea Tendril Peanut Leaf™
Oyster LeafPea TendrilPeanut Leaf™

Gorgeous, light grey leaf with an amazing, authentic Oyster flavor. 50 Count. *Buy 2 Get 1 Free*

Long bright green stems with thin curly leaves with robust Pea flavor. 50 Count.

50 Count

Rootbeer Leaf Sorrel Butterfly Purple™ Sorrel Silver leaf™
Rootbeer LeafSorrel Butterfly Purple™Sorrel Silver leaf™

Large dark green leaves; 6"-7" long; Fresh Rootbeer Flavor.  25ct

50 Count

Rich green leaves with shiny highlights of silver. Very tart, citrusy & juicy. 50 Count

Sunset Geranium Leaf™ Edamame Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Fava Shoots Gold™ 4 oz
Sunset Geranium Leaf™ Edamame Shoots Gold™ 4 ozFava Shoots Gold™ 4 oz


Golden stems and bean-like top. 4 Ounce

Sunshine yellow leaves with cruncy white stems. 4 ounce

Haricot Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Kaiware Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Mung Shoots Gold™ 4 oz
Haricot Shoots Gold™ 4 ozKaiware Shoots Gold™ 4 ozMung Shoots Gold™ 4 oz

Beautiful golden leaves with a pure white stem. 4 ounce

Bright gold tiny leaves with white stems. Japanese daikon. Fresh radish taste. 4 Ounce


Lively yellow colored leaves with bright white long stems. Fresh mung bean flavor. 4 ounce

Pea Shoots Gold 4 oz Popcorn Shoots 4oz Squash Shoots Gold™ 4 oz
Pea Shoots Gold 4 ozPopcorn Shoots 4ozSquash Shoots Gold™ 4 oz

Tender, golden colored pea shoots. Tasty pea flavor, great for adding height. 4 Ounce

Golden shoots grown from real popcorn! Super sweet taste. 4 Ounce

Bright yellow leaves with crunchy white stems. Wonderful and fresh squash flavor. 4 oz

Amaranth Carnival Tops™ 50 Count Herb Tops Mixture Mint Tops Mix
Amaranth Carnival Tops™ 50 CountHerb Tops MixtureMint Tops Mix

 Pink, orange, red and yellow colors as well as a delicious corn flavor        50 Count

Colorful mixture of several types of Sages & Mints. 50 Count

Aromatic Mint Tops; Banana, Chocolate, Lime, Orange, Pineapple... 50 Count

Sage Tops Mix Specialty Item Ice Bud™ Specialty Item Pink Peppercorn
Sage Tops MixSpecialty Item Ice Bud™Specialty Item Pink Peppercorn

Mix of different Sages; Including Gold, Purple, & Tricolor. 50 Count

Very flavorful, tart, juicy and salty like seawater. 25 Count

50 Count