Shoots & Leaves

Amaranth Giant Leaf™ Begonia Angelwing Leaf™ Celery Snowflake Leaf™
Amaranth Giant Leaf™Begonia Angelwing Leaf™Celery Snowflake Leaf™

Array of yellow, pink, orange, and green colors. 50 Count

Medium sized, oval leaves with a rich burgundy color. Tart taste. 50 Count

Green varigated leaves with pink tips & long stems. Fresh celery flavor. 50 Count.

Endive Violet Flash Leaf Maple Hibiscus Leaf™ Ice Buds™
Endive Violet Flash LeafMaple Hibiscus Leaf™Ice Buds™

 50 Count

Pink and Maroon varigated leaves. Juicy, tart lemon flavor. 50 Count.

Unique looking flower buds full of sparkling beads of shiny water.  Very flavorful, tart, juicy and salty like seawater. 25 Count

Kinome Leaf Lucky Shamrock Mix™ Meadow Sorrel Mix
Kinome LeafLucky Shamrock Mix™Meadow Sorrel Mix

50 Count

Add sweet Luck to your Spring dishes! Gorgeous three, four, and five leafed lucky clovers! Perfect garnish for St. Patty's Day! 100 Count.

Beautiful color combination of majenta, green and maroon. Intensely tart taste! 100 Count.

Nature Straw Green Oyster Leaf™ Pea Tendrils
Nature Straw GreenOyster Leaf™Pea Tendrils

 25ct. Green hollow edible straws, strong dill flavor.

Gorgeous, light grey leaf with an amazing, authentic Oyster flavor. 50 Count. *Buy 2 Get 1 Free*

Long bright green stems with thin curly leaves with robust Pea flavor. 50 Count.

Peanut Leaf Pink Peppercorn Red Kaiware Shoots 4 oz
Peanut LeafPink PeppercornRed Kaiware Shoots 4 oz

50 Count

50 Count

Beautiful dark purple leaves with light purple stems. Japanese daikon shoots. Fresh, spicy radish taste. 4 ounce

Rootbeer Leaf Sorrel Butterfly Purple Sorrel Silverleaf™
Rootbeer LeafSorrel Butterfly PurpleSorrel Silverleaf™

Large dark green leaves; 6"-7" long; Fresh Rootbeer Flavor 25ct

50 Count

Rich green leaves with shiny highlights of silver. Very tart, citrusy & juicy. 50 Count

Sunset Geranium Leaf™ Golden Edamame Shoots 4 oz Golden Fava Shoots 4 oz
Sunset Geranium Leaf™ Golden Edamame Shoots 4 ozGolden Fava Shoots 4 oz


Golden stems and bean-like top. 4 Ounce

Sunshine yellow leaves with cruncy white stems. 4 ounce

Golden Haricot Shoots 4 oz Golden Kaiware Shoots 4 oz Golden Mung Shoots 4 oz
Golden Haricot Shoots 4 ozGolden Kaiware Shoots 4 ozGolden Mung Shoots 4 oz

Beautiful golden leaves with a pure white stem. 4 ounce

Bright gold tiny leaves with white stems. Japanese daikon. Fresh radish taste. 4 Ounce


Lively yellow colored leaves with bright white long stems. Fresh mung bean flavor. 4 ounce

Golden Pea Shoots 4 oz Golden Popcorn Shoots 4oz Golden Squash Shoots 4 oz
Golden Pea Shoots 4 ozGolden Popcorn Shoots 4ozGolden Squash Shoots 4 oz

Tender, golden colored pea shoots. Tasty pea flavor, great for adding height. 4 Ounce

Golden shoots grown from real popcorn! Super sweet taste. 4 Ounce

Bright yellow leaves with crunchy white stems. Wonderful and fresh squash flavor. 4 oz

Herb Tops Amaranth Carnival Tops™ 50 Count Herb Tops Assortment Herb Tops Mint Mix
Herb Tops Amaranth Carnival Tops™ 50 CountHerb Tops AssortmentHerb Tops Mint Mix

 Pink, orange, red and yellow colors as well as a delicious corn flavor        50 Count

Colorful mixture of several types of Sages & Mints. 50 Count

Aromatic Mint Tops; Banana, Chocolate, Lime, Orange, Pineapple... 50 Count

Herb Tops Sage Mix
Herb Tops Sage Mix

Mix of different Sages; Including Gold, Purple, & Tricolor. 50 Count