Leaves and more!

Our line of Edible Leaves, Shoots, Herb Tops, and Specialty items is slowly growing.

Let us know if there is something you are looking for in specific, and we may be able to source it for you. 


These items are seasonal which means colors and size may vary during the year.

*Please note: Our items are harvested to order, we will notify you as soon as possible, if any items cannot be confirmed.

Amaranth Giant Leaf 50 Ct Begonia Angelwing Leaf 50 Ct Celery Snowflake Leaf™ 50 Ct
Amaranth Giant Leaf 50 CtBegonia Angelwing Leaf 50 CtCelery Snowflake Leaf™ 50 Ct

Array of yellow, pink, orange, and green colors. 50 Count

Medium sized, oval leaves with a rich burgundy color. Tart taste. 50 Count

Green varigated leaves with pink tips & long stems. Fresh celery flavor. 50 Count.

Endive Violet Flash Leaf™ 50 Ct Kinome Leaf Maple Hibiscus Leaf™
Endive Violet Flash Leaf™ 50 CtKinome LeafMaple Hibiscus Leaf™

 50 Count

50 Count

Pink and Maroon varigated leaves. 50 Count

Oyster Leaf Pea Tendril Peanut Leaf™
Oyster LeafPea TendrilPeanut Leaf™

Gorgeous, light grey leaf with an amazing, authentic Oyster flavor. 50 Count.

Long bright green stems with thin curly leaves with robust Pea flavor. 50 Count.

50 Count

Rootbeer Leaf Sorrel Butterfly Purple™ Sorrel Silver leaf™
Rootbeer LeafSorrel Butterfly Purple™Sorrel Silver leaf™

Large dark green leaves; 6"-7" long; Fresh Rootbeer Flavor.  25ct

50 Count

Rich green leaves with shiny highlights of silver. Very tart, citrusy & juicy. 50 Count

Sunset Geranium Leaf™ Edamame Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Fava Shoots Gold™ 4 oz
Sunset Geranium Leaf™ Edamame Shoots Gold™ 4 ozFava Shoots Gold™ 4 oz


Golden stems and bean-like top. 4 Ounce

Sunshine yellow leaves with cruncy white stems. 4 ounce

Haricot Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Kaiware Shoots Gold™ 4 oz Mung Shoots Gold™ 4 oz
Haricot Shoots Gold™ 4 ozKaiware Shoots Gold™ 4 ozMung Shoots Gold™ 4 oz

Beautiful golden leaves with a pure white stem. 4 ounce

Bright gold tiny leaves with white stems. Japanese daikon. Fresh radish taste. 4 Ounce


Lively yellow colored leaves with bright white long stems. Fresh mung bean flavor. 4 ounce

Pea Shoots Gold 4 oz Popcorn Shoots 4oz Squash Shoots Gold™ 4 oz
Pea Shoots Gold 4 ozPopcorn Shoots 4ozSquash Shoots Gold™ 4 oz

Tender, golden colored pea shoots. Tasty pea flavor, great for adding height. 4 Ounce

Golden shoots grown from real popcorn! Super sweet taste. 4 Ounce

Bright yellow leaves with crunchy white stems. Wonderful and fresh squash flavor. 4 oz

Amaranth Carnival Tops™ 50 Count Herb Tops Mixture Mint Tops Mix
Amaranth Carnival Tops™ 50 CountHerb Tops MixtureMint Tops Mix

 Pink, orange, red and yellow colors as well as a delicious corn flavor        50 Count

Colorful mixture of several types of Sages & Mints. 50 Count

Aromatic Mint Tops; Banana, Chocolate, Lime, Orange, Pineapple... 50 Count

Sage Tops Mix Specialty Item Ice Bud™ Specialty Item Pink Peppercorn
Sage Tops MixSpecialty Item Ice Bud™Specialty Item Pink Peppercorn

Mix of different Sages; Including Gold, Purple, & Tricolor. 50 Count

Very flavorful, tart, juicy and salty like seawater. 25 Count

50 Count